Dogs on The Green - 23 May 2021

We have never seen so many puppers in one place at a time! Need less to say, we were in heaven!
It made it extremely hard to focus and be proffessional when there was so many squishy faces smiling and slobbering at us! 
I was so overwhelmed by the feedback on my artwork, I feel so taken away by the kindness of the community, everytime someone makes a lovely gesture about my work it truly means the world to me.

This is our stall, I was really happy with how it turned out, however the wind definitley kept us on our toes! 

Indie the Frenchie had a wonderful day making friends with an absurb amount of frenchies that were there on the day (I counted 27 but im positive it was more!) She 

I was definitley sporting some dog glitter on the day - look at that black shirt! my goodness! May need to rethink the shirt colour as I will not be giving up any puppy cuddles anytime soon! ♥

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