Our Mascots


Our sweet girl Lucy came to our life as a rescue pup. She may be the sweetest girl to her mum, but don't be fooled - she is very protective of her humans! She supports Mum's painting by sleeping at her feet to cheer her on. 

Unfortunatley Lucy had a fall in December of 2021 and our family had to make the difficult decision to let her cross the rainbow bridge. 

Lucy loved napping at many places around the house to assert her sleepy dominance. She loved to play with her human siblings and frenchie sisters, Hollie and Indie. 



Coco is what we like to call our 3rd child, just after our two human children.  He was a only few weeks old when he decided to come into our family and be the Cattain of the Ship.

We have never met a cat quite like him. He is extremely affectionate and loves his cuddles.

Like a true Cattain, Coco can sometimes be sassy and outspoken - you will know when he's unhappy! There may be two dogs and four humans in the house but let's not kid ourselves, Coco is the real Boss of the Hood.

If Coco had his way he would sleep 20hrs a day, leaving his cosy cocoon only to eat his mince.


  • Napping
  • Running around the house at the most random of times
  • Cuddles 
  • Licking his humans 
  • Kangaroo mince 
  • Drinking only from the tap 
  • Head bops 


Indie is the latest addition to our furmaly and is a true baby of the pack. She loves riding shotgun with mum and hanging out with her fur and human siblings. She also sometimes models all the outfit that mum buys for her.

As the baby of the family, she is a complete sook and gets away with a lot of things. *A lot*. She loves her cuddles and she tends to get them often. At odd times, she will be overcome with "The Zoomies" and will run quick laps around the house!

This spoilt baby barely leaves mum's side so if you see mum out and about at pet stores and events, you can guarantee Indie is just right beside her!



  • Napping
  • Zoomies 
  • Cuddles 
  • Walkies 
  • Meeting other humans 
  • Her toys & playing with Lucy